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Since 2005 JGBUK has successfully promoted a number of existing and new games working with clients such as Jagex and Bigpoint across Europe and North America.

As an agency we prefer to work alongside finance to ensure our campaigns are delivering where it counts, short and long term revenue, delivering sign ups, retention, dormant account re-activation and long term player profitability, tracking the lifetime of players and using the insights to build better marketing returns and more profitable in game spend.

We have a proven track record of delivering the most profitable traffic, working with marketing on a range of activities both onsite and off to optimize for success.

Optimized campaigns are pointed to an optimized funnel to make a whale hunting fleet worthy of UN intervention.

Areas we have experience on multiple MMO’s are:

  • DSP’s
  • Retargeting cookies from Facebook and other platforms
  • Mass mail
  • Re-activating dead accounts
  • Ad sponsored in game purchases
  • Funnel optimization
  • Title launches
  • Yeild optimization
  • Ad networks

Ad sales

Alongside our marketing service there is also a highly successful advertising representation service which takes up to 90% of impressions to market for some clients at a higher CPM than previously achieved.

Read more about representation.

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