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Real Time Bidding

The online advertising market has become a complex and vast marketplace. A variety of new technologies and tools are flooding the market. These dynamic developments constantly offer advertisers new opportunities. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find your bearings amongst the myriad online advertising options.
Over the past few years, certain technologies have established themselves and revolutionised the online advertising trade. Now, you are able to purchase ad space at the actual market price in auction-style transactions:

Ad Exchanges, Demand Side Platforms and Yield Optimizers are examples of the types of platforms which have had a massive impact on the buying and selling of online ad space.

These technologies are based on open and transparent marketplaces, which mean ad space on the Internet can be auctioned at actual market prices.

Similar to a S earch E ngine M arketing (SEM) agency, which purchases and optimises auction-based search engine keywords for its customers, JGBUK is a DEM specialist.

As the world's first D isplay E ngine M arketing (DEM) specialist, we combine years of experience and skill with these young technologies in order to carry out auction-based purchases of ad space and to optimise these on behalf of our customers across all leading platforms at the same time.

What are auction based platforms?

Ad Exchanges, Yield Optimizers and Demand Side Platforms are platforms, or rather platform aggregators, which allow advertisers to access website ad space over the Internet in an auction-style format.

Demand Side Platforms are self-service tools which advertisers use to access Ad Exchanges, Yield Optimizers and auction able inventory of large websites; Ad Exchanges are designed to enable advertisers to purchase ad impressions themselve
The various system types and the long induction phases mean this kind of independent purchasing is highly complex. There is a great danger that campaigns will be placed in undesirable locations as you have to rely on the self-classification of the websites and providers of Ad Exchanges.

Yield Optimizers are systems which optimises the various sales channels of large websites on the basis of the maximum CPM. The sales channel with the highest CPM is allocated the most ad impressions by Yield Optimizer.

Ad exchanges are technology platforms for buying and selling online ad impressions. Websites offer their advertising space for sale in Ad Exchanges. Advertisers can bid for these spaces in an auction. No undefined ad impressions are sold as part of the auction; instead, only ad impressions that are optimised for the campaign's aims and relevant to the target audience is sold.

This auction-based purchase of ad impressions and audiences requires a great deal of experience and skill in order to capitalise on all the opportunities offered by Ad Exchanges, Yield Optimizers and other auction based platforms.

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